Fast and funny game. Players sitting in a circle. One begins by saying the first letter of a word that comes to mind. For example, "B" because he thinks of the word BOTA. The second player invents the second letter, which could be in the second place of the word that attacks the other player. Like "BA", because the word BATTERY comes to mind. The third one also hears only the BA and invents the letter "N", - BAN, like a banana and so it continues until someone in the order really does not know. This will give you the penalty letter (I). Gradually, he can get up to the word INK and thus fall out of the game. But beware! If a player does not think of a letter, he is awarded and automatically awarded a penalty point. OR he says a letter, even if he doesn't know the word - he bluffs, but he has a chance that bad luck will fall on the next in the round, who will give it up. OR he says that he doesn't know the next letter, but that he thinks that the previous one bluffed and he certainly didn't think of anything :) If he really bluffed, he gets a bluffing penalty letter. If he didn't bluff and knew the word, the one who accused him would get a criminal. The next one digs a new letter.