Simple, fun, for young and old. Rules: the chair is arranged, as in a means of transport. One of the players is an auditor and walks outside the door for a while. The other passengers draw one who is a black passenger. The game begins with the auditor joining and counting down one minute. We used an hourglass. The time limit means the time of tram travel between stops, when the inspector must check as many passengers as possible. The auditor's task is to randomly select a passenger and always ask him where he is going from and if he has a valid ticket. The passenger answers and then shows the ticket. This conversation is taking a while and time is running out. When the auditor finds that he is not a black passenger, he quickly selects another passenger. If he catches a black passenger before the time limit expires, he wins. The game is also a lot of luck. The black passenger becomes the auditor in the next round :)