Game EXAMINER (it's in the book) A game that is simple, children and adults like it and in practice they want to play it often over and over again :) Aids (any little thing). Number of players six and more. Procedure: Players stand in a circle, with one player standing in the middle - the "investigator". He first walks behind the door for a while. One of the other players, meanwhile, hides the agreed object in his pocket, thus becoming the "perpetrator". The investigator then returns to the center of the circle and gradually asks the players questions about the perpetrator's description. He can only ask closed questions that can only be answered "yes" or "no", such as "Does the offender have short hair?" or "Does the offender wear glasses?" The goal is for the investigator to identify the offender to as few questions as possible. However, he can only give his tip on a specific perpetrator once, if he does not hit, he has lost. Whoever guessed the perpetrator on fewer questions won.