Very simple and all the more fun. Option 1: Players sit in a circle around the spread out pictures. The player who's in turn doesn't look for a while and the others choose one of the "mine" pictures. Then the player who was not looking takes one picture at a time until he touches the "mine". At that moment, the players shout "mine !!!" The player counts the collected images and returns them to the table. Another player follows until everyone takes turns. The one who took the most pictures won. To involve speech in the game, the player can always come up with a sentence for each picture. For example, we used pictures with hiss when we fixed the pronunciation. 

Option 2: Players are also in a circle around the table with pictures. One player is the leader of the game and chooses one "treasure" picture in his mind. The others gradually draw only one picture at a time when it is their turn. Whoever pulls out the "treasure" wins. 

The game is definitely about luck