Fast, simple, funny. Players sitting in a circle. It is played sequentially. One begins by asking the player on the right "what would you do if ... (and invent the rest of the sentence)". Maybe if you fell on your bike. The player will respond in the order he deems appropriate. For example, "I would get up quickly and see if anyone is watching." Then this player invents another question and asks it the next in order. "What would you do if ...". This is how the game continues until one round goes around. It depends on the number of players. It can go around more wheels. But everyone must remember their question and answer. They can even write it. Once there are at least ten (ten players) questions and answers, the game turns and the last player asks the question to the player who asked him last. He must answer the sentence he answered before. Therefore, the answer to a completely different question. The game goes back to the first player. Funny combinations are often created and children have fun :)